The Challenge

A fast-paced growing bootstrapped start-up with limited means for growing & scaling business but massive dreams hit a roadblock where the growth opportunity is very high but the warehouse & inventory space have become a limitation.

There are only three possibilities –

  1. Restrict ourselves and do less business
  2. Move to a new place & raise expenses (affordability question)
  3. Or get Innovative and better.

Guess, what did we choose?

Portfolio Lean Thinker

We got better.

TheYaYaCafe is a private label D2C brand and we have witnessed phenomenal growth in the last few years becoming one of the most promising e-tail brands in the gifting space. However, as founders we have not had manufacturing expertise, our learning has been on the go and sooner did we realize that optimizing operations is our next big task.

Marketing Project

We dived deep.

We dived deep and spread wide. Deeper into the issues on quality, returns, refunds, the voice of customers and wider into upscaling ourselves, learning lean manufacturing practices, and engaging experts.

We learned.

We implemented operational optimization techniques such as Spaghetti mapping (my favorite!), Voice of the customer, shadow boxing, 5S’s, DOWNTIME, etc., and most importantly took the entire team on board for the new way of working.

Our Achievements



Our operational efficacy went up by 40%


Customer is always

We unlearned and relearned best operational practices to get better at serving our customers


Business Spike

We were able to achieve a 1.5X spike in sales from the same production space, in lesser time and limited expenses thereby boosting our bottom line revenue.

being frugal quote

Guess what?

Being frugal helps.

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