My Nani ma tells me if you talk to plants they talk right back to you. This morning I repotted my Nimbu plant from a pot to the ground.

They have grown half in size as me but stopped bearing fruits this year. So assuming that we are curtailing their growth by being selfish and keeping them home, my husband suggested that we must put them out in the garden for them to realize their full potential and become a tree someday.

They have left a blank space in my heart when I moved them out, but I was so happy to see them in their new home. Right amongst where they should be in the care of a full ecosystem, all set to grow and bloom into a Lemon Tree.

In hindsight, isn’t this a life lesson too?

How often do we limit ourselves and our people because of our selfishness to be in the pot and not in the ground, withholding them to realize their true potential?

work from home balcony
balcony office
my lemon tree

Nevertheless, as Nani ma told me, I spoke to my young trees while saying bye, caressing, and telling them… Ache se Badna, haan!

Plants don’t make me happy…but the Happiest!

My Lemon Tree 🎵

I wonder how I wonder why Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky And all that I can see Is just a yellow lemon tree
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