While we may be individually strong, we are collectively powerful .

My introduction to business and entrepreneurship happened very early in my career of 12+ years, and it has introduced me to my strengths unknown. I paved my way against the accepted norms of an average Indian family for a girl child and had to fight my way through a lot of pushbacks and hardships both at work and home to see my dreams to light.

This journey has however made me stronger and I continue to speak about patience, perseverance, and resilience in my start-up journey as a women founder to fuel ideas and drive meaningful conversations.

My most popular speaking topics include:

  • Entrepreneurship & Start-ups

  • Women Leaders & Diversity
  • Motivational Speaking

  • Design Thinking & Innovation
  • E-commerce & Marketing

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Selected previous speaking engagements below.

Facebook GOAL Mentor Kamna Hazrati

Facebook GOAL Mentor, 2019

Kamna Hazrati

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