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Kamna Hazrati

Entrepreneur, Business Advisor & Consultant

  • CMO as a service

Developing Winning Marketing Strategies

A company’s success depends on marketing strategies and activities more than any other division. However many young, early-stage or small technology companies don’t require a full-time Chief Marketing Officer or simply cannot afford one. With the CMO assist service, one gets access to the best marketing practices at a fractional cost.

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Go to market strategy
  • Go to Market Strategy

From Scratch to Strategy

Your partner in the complete lifecycle of product ideation, market research, defining customer segments to establishing sales & marketing strategy.

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  • Investor In People

Building Powerful Teams

Great businesses have great teams.

I work with teams so that all members are aligned internally and all team-mates become a multiplier, working towards the shared purpose.

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  • Business Growth

Increase Brand Awareness

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is – it is what consumers tell each other it is.

Developing such a brand requires building a world-class product, the finest customer journeys, and efficient communication channels & strategies.

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  • Optimising for Scale

Going Lean

Are you already in the market, but feel that you are open at some seams and are leaking efficacy?

As business owners, we have got our biases too and at times we tend to overlook the writing on the wall.

Using lean start-up methodologies, I work with teams to help them optimize for scale.

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What makes me Different?

13+ years of startup experience, 2 start-ups, 3 D2C brands, I have lived the entrepreneurial dream. I understand what it takes to build businesses from scratch and understand profoundly when we lose time & efficiency a.k.a Money.

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Lavos is my dream project, our own D2C brand which we have been trying to build over the last few years. Kamna came with a fresh set of eyes and helped us define our go-to-market strategy, sales, and pricing strategy, establish teams, and lead our marketing and strategic initiatives from the front with a data-centric approach. Highly recommend her services!

Vijaya Raghavan

Founder, Lavos Athleisure

I work with Brands to Boost their Bottom Line by Optimising their Growth Potential.

A successful business is a powerful mix of the right teams, products, strategy. I work with teams as an enabler and accelerator to achieve, optimize and become our best versions.

Why Work With Me

Building Relationships

Relationships in the modern era are not only limited to how we communicate internally or externally, but also a perfect mix of being with the right people at the right time and place.

Proprietary Processes

Following a 3- step process of Build, Grow and Scale with levers attached to each one of them.

The 3 stages act as a business accelerator at each step of your journey.


Selected Business Leader for Stanford University’s SEED Program, India 2017-18

Amazon Small Business Program Featured Women Entrepreneur, 2019

Guest Faculty and Start-up Advisor at Cluster Innovation Centre, University of Delhi

BRICS Women Innovation Contest Special Recognition Award, 2021

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