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Defining our Purpose

Building Impact at Scale

KH Advisory by Kamna Hazrati was established with the motto of bringing impact at scale by working with growing businesses to amplify their reach and solve the most important thing all businesses struggle to do, reaching out to their customers effectively.

Kamna possesses an extensive entrepreneurial experience in building D2C brands to consulting & mentoring other associated brands for more than 15 years, bringing value to businesses by telling the stories that matter, building brand strategy cohesively and amplifying the overall reach of the businesses.

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01. CMO as a Service

Hiring a fractional CMO can be an excellent idea for young businesses on a tight budget that can’t afford to hire someone full-time until they’re in a better position financially.

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02. Design Brand Strategy

Our customers remember us with the stories we tell them, designing an effective communication strategy is pivotal for the growth of any business, shape & size.

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03. Holistic Marketing Strategy

Build a 360 degrees marketing strategy from paid digital marketing, to organic SEO, content marketing, offline marketing, media & PR, design, &  brand storytelling for a holistic approach to the most important part of your business, Marketing.

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