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What’s your leadership style?

Are you a Multiplier or a Diminisher?

In the course of my startup journey I realised I swinged between the two. This book introduced me to the term and got me thinking how I could actually multiply and harness the brainpower of people around me.

A leader’s ability to garner the full intelligence of the organisation DEPENDS on some of his/her most deeply held assumptions and we can do so much more if we are able to put into force the mental energy of all those around us.


I agree with fellow reviews on the book, it is repetitive content and could have been communicated in lesser pages.

Read this sometime on LinkedIn that a recipe to a viral Post is downloading a dumb photo from the Internet and captioning it with a question.So, when I decided to put this question across, I hoped it wouldn’t end up the same way.

Hoping that it didn’t, and really led you to think

if you are a genius or a genius maker?

Get the book from Amazon from here.

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