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Case Study

AndPurpose Delivers Double-Digit
Growth for Toprankers
with Data-Driven Lead Nurturing

Client: Toprankers

Industry: EdTech

Toprankers needed to improve their lead nurturing and conversion rates to increase enrollment in their online courses. They faced specific challenges in the following aspects where were successfully resolved by our team.


Lead Scoring: The existing lead scoring system was ineffective and did not accurately identify high-potential leads.

Engagement: Prospect participation in AISATs (Admissions Interest Self-Assessment Tests) and webinar attendance were below average.

Email Marketing: The email engagement metrics were below industry standards, including low open rates, click-through rates, and subscriber growth.

Personalization: The email marketing strategy lacked personalization and did not cater to different buyer personas.

Whatsapp Engagement: Toprankers wanted to leverage Whatsapp to improve lead engagement and communication.


  • Developed a new lead scoring model based on a deeper understanding of Toprankers’ ideal customer profile and buyer journey.
  • Implemented dynamic lead scoring that automatically adjusts based on lead behavior and engagement data.
  • Created personalized email sequences tailored to different lead stages, including prospect, discussion, and negotiation.
  • Developed engaging webinar content and utilized interactive elements to boost participation.
  • Implemented automated AISAT reminders and used gamification elements to encourage completion.
  • Segmented the email database based on buyer personas and interests.
  • Created high-quality content tailored to each persona and buyer journey stage.
  • Optimized email subject lines, pre-header text, and sending times & A/B tested different email elements to improve performance.
  • Implemented email automation to nurture leads and trigger personalized messages based on behavior.
  • Developed detailed buyer personas with specific needs, challenges, and pain points.
  • Created persona-specific content assets, including blog posts, case studies, and email content.
  • Personalized email cadences with relevant content and offers.
  • Developed automated Whatsapp message sequences for new leads and existing contacts.
  • Used personalized messages and images to increase engagement.
  • Scheduled regular marketing messages to promote new courses and offers.


Lead Score: The average lead score increased by 25%, with a significant improvement in the number of leads qualified for sales.
Engagement: AISAT participation rate increased to 85%, webinar viewership jumped to 90%, and prospect participation in webinars reached 95%.
Email Marketing: The open rate increased by 15% for academic content and 20% for marketing content. The CTR grew by 50%, surpassing the industry average. The subscriber base expanded by 10% per week, reaching the target audience size.
Whatsapp Engagement: The Whatsapp opt-in rate increased by 30%, and the average message open rate reached 75%.


By implementing a data-driven and personalized lead nurturing and conversion optimization strategy, AndPurpose helped Toprankers significantly improve their lead engagement, conversion rates, and brand awareness. The successful campaign resulted in a substantial increase in enrollment and revenue for Toprankers. This case study demonstrates the power of effective lead nurturing and conversion optimization strategies in driving growth for EdTech companies.